Ellen Stapleton

ASH-KALA is a series of paintings Ellen created after her time traveling in Nepal and Tibet. She was inspired by the incredibly rich and diverse cultures, the beautiful and symbolic imagery and this powerful transformative life experience.

The word Ash-Kala is a combination of two Nepalese words translating to ‘Hope’ and ‘Art’.

This series focuses on the transformative power that the creative process has to overcome and transcend challenges - bringing hope, beauty and positivity into our lives.

The imagery is inspired by Ellen’s travels to the remote Buddhist monasteries of Tibet, the spectacular scenery of the Himalayan mountains and the lush jungles of Nepal.

She was also inspired by the incredibly beautiful and rich living culture, the festivals, offerings, alters, temples, textiles, jewellery, and the beautiful loving and inspiring people she encountered in this incredibly special and unique part of the world.

Some of these paintings are still available to purchase. 

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