Ellen Stapleton

Ellen Stapleton is a prolific Australian artist who in the past 20 years has featured in over 130 exhibitions in galleries, museums and public spaces worldwide.

She has traveled the world painting murals, exhibiting her artwork and collaborating with incredible international artists.

Ellen is a talented multi-disciplined artist skilled in acrylic and gouache painting, aerosol and digital art.

She creates colourful and elaborate artwork portraying scenes of a vibrant Utopia full of beauty, energy, positivity and creation.

Her distinctive, stylised, illustrative style is inspired by an eclectic blend of sources including her love of street art, tattoo design, and nature; her travels to exotic locations around the world and her training in Sacred Tibetan Buddhist painting.

Ellen was named one of the most exciting female artists in the world by 'Curvy-World' and was awarded the prestigious 'Barcelona Showcase Best Artist Award' by The Global Art Agency from a selection of over 150 highly esteemed international artists in Antoni Gaudi's architectural masterpiece 'Casa Batllo'.

Her work has featured in a variety of print and online media including 'Semi-Permanent' and 'Curvy' books and on Australian television shows 'Neighbours' and 'Bed of Roses'. She was also commissioned to create artwork for ‘The Artboards' sold in the famous Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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