Ellen Stapleton


Ellen has participated in 7 Papergirl events to date in Barcelona, San Francisco, Vancouver, Manchester, Leeds, Brisbane and Istanbul.

Papergirl is a community street art project where art is collected from an international creative community, exhibited in a gallery, rolled up, and then, in the style of American paperboys, distributed by bicycle in city centres, to random passers-by.

The project started in response to a new law introduced in Berlin which make it a criminal offence to post art in public places. Hence Papergirl was founded whereby works of art are handed directly to the general public at random, similar to how newspapers were distributed in decades past.

Any volunteer is welcome to join and distribute the artwork with the group. The ethos behind Papergirl is to have fun as a group of people and to make other people happy whilst doing so.


On May 26th 2011, Milk Gallery hosted one of the most interdisciplinary and crowded group shows of it's life for the opening for Papergirl Istanbul exhibition. Artist talks were held at the gallery by Aisha Ronniger, the founder of Papergirl, Roland Piltz and Tika talking about the Papergirl process and street art, along with an artist talk by Marcus Graf about implementations of art on public spaces in Turkey. May 28th and June 11th were two 'action' days where more than 400 art rolls with over than 2000 artworks were distributed to lucky people in the streets of Istanbul.

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